“Can’t begin to express how much I love @the_hepburns small and large joints! Big joints are perfect for smoking with multiple people and the half joints are perfect for smoke breaks!” -
— @cocochaneladair

We are a collective engaged with education, research, and our interest is in the health of our members.

Responsible Medicine:

Sourcing our medicine directly from responsible farmers and producers, we ensure our members always understand what they are consuming and how it is produced. Improving transparency, affordability and product quality, we work with members of our collective and within our community to source our medicine. As part of our focus on public and community health, all of our medicine is laboratory tested; this allows us to ensure the safety of all our medicine, as well as its potency and terpene profile.


We are The Hepburns: we make solventless ice water hash joints by hand with love.

Our pre-rolled medical cannabis preparations feature a minimum of 10% cannabis concentrate in each batch; we use fantastic ice water hash sourced directly from the best local producers. The Hepburns are strong.

  • Hepburns Petites (5-Pack): Discretion and convenience in one little package; our Hepburns Petites feature five of our terpene-paired hash cones in our signature Hepburns tin. Always hand-produced, these cones are made with whole flower and a minimum of 10% solventless for your smoking satisfaction. Perfect for on-the-go medication, social situations and making everyday special.

  • Hepburns Deluxe: These massive glass-tipped, hand-rolled Hepburns are an experience to remember. Rolled with our best flowers, all hand-made by our founder and featuring artisanal locally-blown glass tips, these outsize joints are laden with tons of ice water hash. We put as much flower and hash as possible into each Hepburn Deluxe; as always, the Hepburns are made with love.


From time to time we happen upon extraordinarily beautiful and potent strains of flowers that we decide to share with our patients in lieu or advance of processing into Hepburns. We call these flowers Hepburns Reserve.