On Solventless

Solventless is a word that means a lot to us here at the Hepburns. Solventless means that no solvents were used in the extraction of our cannabis medicine; only ice water based extracts are used in the making of the Hepburns. We strongly believe that this benefits the health of our patient-members; the solventless movement is more than an emerging trend and we assert that it is a mandate for patient health. This medicine, properly produced in a clean and healthy manner (and then tested) is the very best around.

Solventless is, at its best, resinous glandular trichome heads mechanically separated from their stalks. The ice water is not used as a solvent (although H2O is yes, a chemical, and universal solvent) but as a mechanical agitant; it just knocks the gland heads off their stalks so you can enjoy them!

We take your health very seriously, and pledge to give our patients only clean medicine that will benefit their health. Very few collectives are taking a stand against solvent-based concentrates. Our team is proud to be all solventless; we find that it is not only a healthier experience for our patients (ourselves) but it's also more enjoyable.

In California, to date, our relatively unregulated medical cannabis marketplace is one that has allowed for the proliferation of BHO (butane hash oil, usually made from common canned lighter fluid) and other solvent-based concentrates despite ongoing issues with their legality. Having worked in the industry for years, we have seen the deleterious effects of these often improperly produced so-called medicines on cannabis patients. Some dispensaries test their solvent-based concentrates; some even pay extra for a residual solvent test. This test looks for levels of commonly found and highly dangerous chemicals like neopentane, hexane, etc and reflects how much of these is left over in each test sample. However, the sensitivity and specificity of these tests (read: accuracy) is not regulated; additionally, many common ingredients in canned butane that are known to have neurodegenerative effects are NOT tested for (like toluene, which also has a boiling point far above a fair temperature range for BHO production). We value your health and your life, and we place a premium being honest with our patients. We don't want to make you sicker, we want to help you to be healthier. Attend our education classes for more in-depth information about solvent-based and solventless concentrates and how best to advocate for your health!

I wrote this article for Cannabis Now magazine about the dangers of solvent-based concentrates in 2014; this little company, The Hepburns,was founded out of a passionate love for medical cannabis, and an unstoppable drive to fight for our right to health and education.



Founder, The Hepburns