About the Hepburns

We are a majority woman-owned company that focuses on making superb solventless products that smoke good and do good - supporting ethical, regenerative partners and social and environmental justice by working with the right small business partners in our supply chain and community.

Our Vision

To reduce harm and improve public health with solventless cannabis while supporting a cannabis economy that works to the benefit of all life.

Our Mission

To be the leading producer of artisan-quality solventless cannabis products and provider of education on wellness-oriented use through co-operation in an ethical supply chain.

Our Team - Team Hepburns

Alexandra Butler, Founder, Owner - Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Alexandra is a diligent cannabis activist and advocate for safe access to clean, quality cannabis as an effectie harm reduction methodology. Educated at UCLA and NYU, she founded Hepburns in 2015 after working for years throughout the cannabis industry. She developed Hepburns products to meet the need for a superior smoking product and for a better cannabis company. She focuses on producing hash and rosin and on education and outreach.

Angelika Penuela-Ruiz, Co-Founder, Owner - Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is a dynamo and brings her diversity of industry experience to the table running operations and leading much of the work in Hepburns Manufactory. Educated at San Francisco State, Angie loves traveling and great music and is passionate about her work at Hepburns as well as her passion for event and media production.

Team Hepburns is nurtured by Red Wheelbarrow and is a part of the Red Wheelbarrow network. Red Wheelbarrow Ventures works to ensure regenerative agriculture, artisan manufacturing, and co-operative enterprise foster a cannabis economy that works to the benefit of all life. Red Wheelbarrow uses its agency for good by supporting an ethical and regenerative supply chain and acting as advocate, activist, admin and business support for small cannabis farms and businesses.

We are a great team and we work together to bring you magic in the form of the Hepburns. We love what we do.

Join us!

Build a better future with us and our collaborative, co-operative partners as we make products that make a difference. We believe in the power of cannabis… and in powerful cannabis.

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Thank you so much again for Hepburning. Your support makes it possible for our community of artisans and small businesses to thrive!